Oxpray - Mounting and fixing (3)

Mounting and fixing

There’s various ways to fix Oxpray cushions to prevent them from missing in action. The clever use of shape and form is by far the best possible way as it does not require anything else but CNC milled shaped cushions and a boat.

Oxpray: the digital solution in today’s boat manufacturing industry

Boat cushions in the Digital Age

Oxpray Boat Cushions: Revolutionizing Boat Comfort with Digital Design Tired of bulky, waterlogged cushions ruining your boating experience? Oxpray offers


Makkelijk schoon te maken

Door onze waterdichte toplaag zonder naadjes worden de kussens niet snel vies. Bovendien kun je je kussens makkelijk schoon maken. Gewoon met een sopje en de tuinslang. Of met even afspuiten met de hogedrukreiniger en klaar is kees.